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Do you know a senior experiencing loneliness, depression, or functional decline as a result of chronic health conditions and the situations got worsen due to social isolation related to COVID-19 pandemic lockdown?  Do you know of caregivers suffering from high stress due to the pressure of supporting older adults? 

Adult Day Program may be able to help.

Adult Day Program (ADP) is a safe, welcoming age-friendly community, where older adults may spend time with friends and caring program staff, offering respite to families or caregivers. With both virtual and in-person sessions, this program focuses on keeping seniors connected and active through therapeutic activities for their bodies and minds. These programs have never been more important than they are during the pandemic, when many of us are facing long periods of isolation.

All programs are developed based on clients’ individual level of functioning and their past interests. There are three ways to access Adult Day Programs:

  • In-person, at our location
  • Virtual support
  • In-person, at home

To find out more about SPLC’s Adult Day Program service, please call 416-493-3333 or For referrals, you can contact CE LHIN Home and Community Care Support Services at 416-750-2444.

  • Fee for in-person half day session without meal is $10:50

Due to the pandemic, SPLC is running in-person programs for very limited numbers of seniors. With a maximum of 16 seniors per day, we have been able to allow for physical distancing and splitting the day in half allows for 8 seniors in the morning and 8 seniors in the afternoon – more seniors can benefit from the on-site program.

Please see updated Frequently Asked Questions about our COVID-19 protocols in the section below.

In the Adult Day Program in-person sessions, you can expect all sorts of therapeutic activities such as brain games and trivia and gentle exercises to keep both mind and body stimulated. We have four different program options for you to choose from based on your physical, mental, and cultural / language needs. Our staff members speak more than 5 languages, including English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Greek, and Tagalog.

Virtual Day Program services are for individuals who choose to receive care at home. SPLC and its Adult Day Programs clients are experiencing great benefits with virtual programs.

It’s an opportunity for clients to stay connected with one another through various activities such as virtual travel tours, singing, music appreciation, brain games, and discussions. Each program begins with a short exercise to help keep seniors moving.

Health education is also a key focus in the Adult Day Program with regular discussions about relevant health issues, such as brain or heart health.

SPLC staff can help clients learn how to use this telephone or video conferencing tools.

Clients Condition
Culturally Specific Operation Day/Time
Program Name
Physical Frailty
Memory Issues
Living Well Day Program
Sunflower Club
Chinese Day Program
Greek Day Program

    1. Why are Senior Persons Living Connected (SPLC) Day Programs open?
      • SPLC’s Day Programs are considered essential services providing activation and social connection for frail and/or complex seniors as well as providing respite for care partners of some of these seniors.


    1. What COVID-19 prevention protocols are in place for Day Programs?
      • All eligible SPLC staff, including Day Program staff have received the mandatory two dose vaccinations and SPLC is encouraging all eligible staff to get the 3rd dose booster vaccination.
      • SPLC is following provincial guidelines, has enhanced cleaning protocols and has added additional safety measures, such as:
        • Clients must show proof of vaccination
        • Limited people per room as per Public Health guidance
        • Active screening of staff and clients before entering the space
        • All clients and staff must wear a mask at all times
      • Will a client lose their space in SPLC’s Day Program if they decide to not attend due to concerns about COVID?
        • If an existing Day Program client declines to come to a session due to COVID-19 concerns or symptoms or possible exposure, their space will be reserved for two months.


  1. What happens if there is a positive testing result for any Day Program staff or participant?
    • SPLC will follow all public health guidance and take additional safety precautions, if necessary. The individual testing positive and those identified as close contacts will be asked to self-isolate as per Public Health guidance.

Seniors' Brain Games with SPLC Team Member Carrie (Cantonese)

Seniors' Brain Games with SPLC Team Member Hans (Cantonese)

Standing Chair Exercises with SPLC Team member Linda (English)

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