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What does the Health Promotion department offer?

  • Interactive, informative, and fun workshops and education sessions
  • Monthly fruit and veggie markets (occurring on-site in the Recreation Room)
  • Active Living fairs

Our diverse and fully trained staff conduct community outreach, create community awareness and engage older adults and seniors in chronic diseases prevention, and self-management, crime prevention, personal safety, and community participation. Program activities are offered in collaboration with community partners.

What Programs are available for you to join?

Seniors and Law Enforcement Together, (S.A.L.T.)

S.A.L.T is a partnership of seniors in the community, Toronto Police 42 Division and SPLC. The S.A.L.T. Committee develops community programs to address the needs of seniors in the community such as crime prevention, public safety, victim services and personal planning. S.A.L.T. works with partners in the community, including seniors’ community services providers to increase seniors’ awareness and capacity of addressing such issues. It is a volunteer, community-based organization designed to meet the needs of seniors in Scarborough by addressing their crime and safety concerns. The goal is to raise awareness on potential crime related issues and to empower seniors to reduce their victimization. The S.A.L.T. committee meets regularly to plan and offer virtual workshops.

Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (offered in partnership with Central East Home and Community Support Services based on the Stanford University Model).

We offer a 6-week workshop series on Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions, Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Pain, and Living a Healthy Life with Diabetes in English, Chinese, and Tamil. This program is available for both, individuals dealing with these conditions, as well as caregivers. Participants will learn skills and tools including healthy eating plans, developing goals, problem-solving skills and managing medication to effectively communicate with doctors to manage their chronic conditions.

Falls Prevention Program

A series of Fall Prevention Home Exercises and workshops are offered to prevent falls among older adults, and seniors.

  • Assess your fall risks
  • Learn easy to do exercises that you can do at home to improve balance
  • Connect to resources and support

In-Person and Virtual Programs

  • Health Seminars & Workshops

  • Dance & Fitness

  • Social & Leisure

  • Art & Music

  • Technology

  • more

Visit our program calendar to register

How do I register?

To find out more information about Health Promotion programs, or our contact Elsa at ext 305 or email:

Who runs the program?

Our programs are run by an experienced trained facilitator and or trained Peer Leaders.

How can you learn more about Health Promotion programs at SPLC?

If you’d like to learn more, join a workshop, or attend an education session/event, please call 416-493-3333 or contact our Health Promotion Lead Elsa Uy at

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