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Older adults who live within our service boundaries (see below) and are unable to access public transit can use SPLC’s Transportation Services. Whether you need to go for a medical appointment, grocery shopping, or a social activity, we can get you there safely and quickly. Whatever your needs, our Transportation Team is ready to pick you up. We also welcome caregivers at no additional cost.

This service is available for medical, vaccine, dialysis, group grocery shopping and SPLC Day Program appointments only.

How do I know if I am eligible for transportation?

You meet the following:

  • Unable to access public transportation
  • Require escorts during a trip due to frailty or cognitive impairment
  • Live in areas where specialized transit or public transportation is not available and when friends and relatives are not available
  • You live in the following catchment area: South of Denison Street to North of Ellesmere, and East of Don Mills to West of McCowan.
  • Would prefer to have door-to-door service

What is the transportation fee?

Please use the map to determine your location fees. Transportation fees vary based on your destination.
Destination Area Round Trip One Way
A $11.00 $5.50
B $13.00 $6.50
C $15.00 $7.50
D $22.00 $11.00
E $30.00 $15.00
*Fees are subject to change without prior notice.

How do I schedule a ride or get more information?

Whatever your needs, our transportation team is ready to pick you up. We also welcome caregivers at no additional cost!

To schedule a ride from SPLC’s Transportation service or to get more information, please call 416-493-3333 or email

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