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Falling is the most common cause of injury to adults over the age of 65, but many of these incidents are preventable. By making some home and lifestyle adjustments you can greatly reduce the risk of falling.

Some ways to prevent falls in your home are:

  • Line the tub or shower with non-slip surfaces.
  • Purchase a raised toilet seat or shower seat.
  • Remove clutter throughout the home.
  • Secure any loose or low hanging cords that may pose a tripping hazard.

The Government of Canada has many further suggestions on how to make your home safe for older adults.

After a person falls, they may be anxious about the idea of moving around because they are scared of falling again. Some fear is natural after experiencing an injury, but it is extremely important to encourage older adults to remain as active as possible. Maintaining strong, flexible muscles means there will be far less risk of them losing their balance in the future.

SPLC has a number of services for older adults who require assistance with mobility. Our Transportation services provide specially modified accessible vehicles for all our community members. Our Personal Care program offers companion visits and assisted walks to help older adults stay active, as well as assisted bathing and much more.

For more information on fall prevention strategies please view the following document: Fall Prevention, or contact us for further details.

Some of our Services Include

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