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Older adults should eat a variety of foods following Canada’s Food Guide recommendations. Help the older adult you support stay healthy by planning meals in advance, and always have food like fresh fruit and low-fat yogurt on hand for when you are unable to cook.

Registered Dietitian

SPLC has many programs to relieve the stress of caring for older adults. We can help you ensure that the person you are caring for is fed nutritious food through our dietitian counselling and meal delivery services. Our dietitian service is free of charge and consultations are confidential. If you suffer from malnutrition, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease or any other nutrition disorder, we can help.

FoodShare and Good Food Boxes

SPLC has partnered with FoodShare to bring nutritious food to the older adults of our community. FoodShare is a non-profit that provides fresh, locally grown produce for an affordable price. The “Good Food Box” is another service provided by FoodShare. Boxes of varying sizes are packed with seasonal Ontario grown fruits and vegetables, and sold to consumers for affordable prices.

  • Small Good Food Box – $13 – “a fresh box full of vegetables and fruit.”
  • Large Good Food Box – $18 – “a big box of goodness.”
  • Wellness Box – $13 – “portioned fresh vegetables and fruit, some already cut-up and ready to enjoy.”
  • Small Organic Box – $24 – “a fresh box full of organic vegetables and fruit.”
  • Large Organic Box – $34 – “a big box of organic goodness.”
  • Fruit Box – $13 – “just fresh fruit, bursting with flavour.”

Please contact us for more information on the nutrition needs of older adults, or on any of the services listed above.

Some of Our Services Include

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