SPLC is hosting a virtual Town Hall on October the 6th and we will have the chance to ask 4 questions of the up-to-5 municipal candidates for Ward 22. The municipal election is happening on Mon. Oct. 24 with advance polling beginning on Oct. 7 – the day after the SPLC Town Hall.

There are 6 candidates for ward 22 and SPLC’s been able to contact the first 5 noted below and the first 4 have confirmed their participation with SPLC on Oct. 6:

  1. Nick Mantas
  2. Anthony Internicola
  3. Bill Wu
  4. Antonios Mantas
  5. Serge Khatchadourian
  6. Roland Lin

SPLC is also looking for seniors who would like to be video-recorded reading the selected questions and we are looking for a senior to be the host of the Town Hall – with lots of support provided by the SPLC team!  If you would like to volunteer for either of these roles, please email recreation@splc.ca by Sept. 25.