SPLC in partnership with Agincourt Community Services Association (ACSA) and Scarborough Civic Action Network (SCAN) hosted a virtual Town Hall on Oct. 6 from 1:00 to 2:30pm. This was in advance of the Oct 7-14 advance voting days and the Oct 24 election day. If you have Qs about when, where or how to vote, please visit: toronto.ca/elections/MyVote.

Thank you for submitting questions between Sept 19 and 25 for the Oct 6 Town Hall. The following are the questions that were sent to the 5 municipal candidates that we had contact information for. 3 candidates participated on Oct 6: Antonios Mantas, Nick Mantas, and Serge Khatchadourian and their responses are in the links after each question. This is a link to the start of the Town Hall welcoming everyone, introductions, reading of the Land Acknowldgement:

  1. Scenario: Housing stability is a huge issue in Ward 22. Prices are rising, there are long wait lists for affordable housing and many people in Scarborough are precariously housed. In addition, we have a large population that have nowhere to call home.
    1. Q: The City currently has policy options to increase housing, e.g., lane-way or garden suites, legalizing multi-tenant homes. If elected, how would you advocate for Ward 22 with these options in mind. Are there other innovations you would promote for this Ward to increase affordable housing options?
    2. Q: What if the federal government gave the City money to spend on affordable housing, what would you propose to other Councillors to ensure Scarborough receives investments to address precarious housing?

  2. Scenario: You learn of a senior being evicted from their apartment in Ward 22 – they have less than 6 months to find another affordable place to live and they are on a fixed income. The City’s rent-geared-to-income units have a 5-10 year wait.
    1. What can you do now, and what commitments can you make for their future?
    2. What municipal supports are available to wrap around that senior and enable them to remain in this community?

  3. How will you advocate for older adults/seniors to be able to age in place, remaining safely in this community? Concerns have been raised about accessibility, safety, and culturally appropriate services.

  4. Scenario: Community needs change over time and organizations like SPLC and ACSA need the flexibility to respond quickly. How will you ensure community supporting organizations like SPLC, ACSA and others are consulted on this community’s needs as well as supported financially to provide wrap-around services that connect with existing City services?

Wrap-up comment: Candidates had 2 minutes to describe their community-building role if successfully elected to be the Ward 22 Councillor. Click here to watch and listen to candidate responses and thanks to all those that helped to make the virtual Town Hall happen as well as some information on how to vote in the 2022 Municipal election.