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Watercolour Florals Sept22

Painting with watercolours is easier then it looks. Come join us as we learn how to paint florals using basic watercolour techniques in a friendly and warm environment. Beginner level students are welcome.
Learn More about Watercolour Florals Sept22

Digital Art – Indigenous Art – Sept22

Learn how to draw in a style of Indigenous art, digitally. Start with learning how to blend and colour in your background, followed by selecting accurate brushes, colours and learning various digital techniques to create a beautiful masterpiece.  
Learn More about Digital Art – Indigenous Art – Sept22

Mindfulness with Coloured Pencil Sketching Sept22

Let us learn about Reconciliation day through art. Design a symbolic piece of art that helps explore Indigenous history and tell a story, all while listening to soothing indigenous vocalization , to create a relaxing experience.
Learn More about Mindfulness with Coloured Pencil Sketching Sept22

Drawing 101 Sept22

Join us virtually to learn the basics of drawing!
Learn More about Drawing 101 Sept22

Paint Club Aug22

Whether you are experienced, beginner, or just a fan of art, you are welcome to join and learn! There will be 4 in-person sessions where we learn how to paint different summer scenes and showcase our creativity through art. No…
Learn More about Paint Club Aug22
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