For 23 years, Gabrielle Tung has taught Vocal Training and Musical Theory classes at SPLC. Since starting the People’s Link Choir group in 1997, Gabrielle has been an invaluable member of the SPLC community. Gabrielle always had a passion for music and thanks to her dedication, she has given the gift of music understanding and appreciation to hundreds of students over the years. She has one of the largest and most loyal set of students at SPLC – over 50 per class.

Not only has Gabrielle provided students with exceptional musical training, she has generously donated all the proceeds of her classes back to SPLC. Over the years that total is well over $50,000!

Gabrielle’s own parents once used a Meals on Wheels service elsewhere in the community, which sparked her desire to give back. Before she arrived in Canada and at SPLC, she was a scientist – Professor of Plant Pathology at the University of Pennsylvania. She has been published in several scientific journals. “After I retired from my scientific work, the first thing I wanted to do was deliver food to sick people. My father and mother used Meals on Wheels. I appreciate this opportunity so much, to use my love of music to give
back to the community.”

We take this opportunity to thank Gabrielle Tung, who through science, music and charitable work, is
making the world a better place. We are very lucky to have her and all she brings to SPLC.