For 7 years, Dave served in the Canadian Armed Forces. He also worked with the Canadian Standard Association (CSA), helping to ensure the safety and quality of nearly every product and service that
Canadians use. He is strong, smart, and has a real interest in science and philosophy. Yet, for older adults like Dave, who have experienced trauma, getting access to healthcare and support services can be
incredibly challenging.

Navigating the healthcare system is often confusing and stressful, but for many of the thousands of older adults that SPLC serves each year, this process can be even more difficult. That’s because 66% have
4 or more complex health concerns, and when these include mental health and/or addictions concerns, it can make the course of finding the right resources much harder. Due to the complexity of his health concerns, it took many years for Dave to qualify for, and receive, the support he needed.

SPLC worked in partnership with Dave and his family to provide stable housing with ongoing support. Today, he continues to build a new network of social connections, is a regular attendee in SPLC programming, and is quickly integrating into his new community. We are grateful that Dave has
allowed SPLC to be a part of his journey, and for witnessing him overcome these challenges.