Like many adult children, Theresa Kwan is the primary caregiver for her parents. Her father recently celebrated his 85th birthday and her mother is 87. Her parents live on their own with help
from their daughter. Theresa said the Meals on Wheels program is very important to her parents and to her, “It’s a game changer!” Theresa’s parents have difficulty getting around. Making their own
meals can be overwhelming, at the best of times.

We have seen a 24% increase in demand for Meals on Wheels.

Meals and food hampers delivered by SPLC – 36,005 from April 2020 to March 2021

The pandemic has been especially difficult for her parents. “They used to enjoy meeting up with friends for Dim Sum but they can’t do that anymore. The restaurant they used to go to has closed and they are away from their friends,” said Theresa. Her parents, like so many people, feel isolated in their own home. The visit from their Meals on Wheels driver is something that brightens their day. “They look forward to seeing him. He’s so caring and patient with my parents. I don’t know what we would do without Meals on the Wheels,” said Theresa.

At SPLC our Meals on Wheels program offers a selection of culturally appropriate meals to reflect the diversity of the community we serve, with food ranging from Caribbean, Chinese, Greek, South East Asian, and more.

Theresa’s parents appreciate the option of having meals they can enjoy. “We tried to switch it up with
some Western style meals but my parents prefer the Chinese meals. My mom is Diabetic and a picky eater but she likes these meals, and it’s important for her to have her meals on time.”

Access to well-balanced meals is especially important to isolated seniors. Healthy meals provide the energy and nutrients needed to maintain health in older adults. Every meal is prepared fresh daily and can be tailored to meet individual needs. Low sodium, pureed, and renal diets are just some of the special options available for clients.

Did you know that Meals on Wheels is so much more than just a meal? The program also offers physical, emotional and psychological benefits to clients. Program volunteers perform a valuable security and social welfare check for isolated clients. Right now, this community support program is more important than ever. Our Meals on Wheels volunteers delivered almost 35000 meals last year; an increase of 24% from the previous year. The need in the community continues to grow and so does the risk of food insecurity.

The Meals on Wheels program at SPLC makes a difference in the lives of people like Theresa and her parents along with so many other seniors in the SPLC community.