Arts for seniors at SPLC go beyond mere activities. They promote independence, cognitive vitality, and enhanced mental well-being. Empowering seniors to age at home, these programs provide a holistic approach to well-being, acknowledging the importance of not just physical health but also mental and emotional fulfillment.

Diverse Creative Outlets
Arts and crafts, such as creating paper roses, present an opportunity for seniors to bond

Recreation programs at SPLC offer a spectrum of creative outlets to seniors in the community. Seniors can engage in activities that reflect their interests, fostering a sense of joy and self-discovery. Paper craft-making offers a chance to increase fine motor skills while enjoying a leisurely, social environment. Classes such as watercolour painting encourage the cultivation of skills while encouraging individuality and self-expression. Group musical sessions such as those offered by People Link Choir cater to both beginners and trained singers.

Cognitive Stimulation
Welcoming Lunar New Year 2024 with dragon-themed art

Engaging in projects that require mental openness and flexibility is crucial for cognitive health. Our programs challenge seniors with thought-provoking activities, promoting mental agility and creating an environment where they can continuously expand their cognitive horizons.

Mental Health and Self-Esteem
Seniors in their 70s and 80s sing together in SPLC’s People Link Choir

Creativity for seniors is a powerful tool to promote mental health and boost self-esteem. Through self-expression and individuality, seniors find a voice in their art, creating a sense of accomplishment as they complete tasks and learn new skills. This process contributes to a positive mindset and a greater appreciation for their own abilities. By sharing common interests and hobbies, seniors form connections that eradicate loneliness and isolation. The appreciation for each other’s art becomes a medium for building friendships, fostering a supportive community within our programs.

To learn more about our recreation programs, please visit our Active Living Centre page or register on our program calendar.