As we age, staying active becomes increasingly important for maintaining overall well-being. Active living for seniors can improve mobility, mood, mental health and sleep quality for seniors. Ultimately, this can mean living independently for longer, maintaining the ability to perform basic activities of daily living and avoiding outcomes like long-term care admission.

 Our Active Living Centre offers a variety of recreation programs designed for all seniors in the community. These programs cater to seniors with different levels of mobility, varying levels of skill and interest, and include culturally appropriate options.

Inclusive and Varied Activities
Qigong sessions in SPLC’s Recreation Room

Our recreation programs offer a diverse range of activities to suit different interests and abilities. Whether it’s the fun of line dancing, the cultural richness of tai chi, or the fast-paced nature of table tennis, seniors can find activities that resonate with them. This variety not only keeps them engaged but also ensures they can choose activities that best match their fitness levels.

Chair Exercise Classes
Seniors enjoying gentle fitness classes featuring chair exercises at SPLC

Our programs accommodate seniors with varying levels of physical capabilities. Recognizing the diverse mobility levels among seniors, chair exercise sessions provide a gentle yet effective way to stay active. These sessions are designed to accommodate those with lower mobility, offering a safe and comfortable alternative while still delivering the benefits of physical activity.

Community Building and Social Interaction
Seniors moving to music during Line Dancing classes at SPLC

Beyond the physical benefits, our recreation programs foster a sense of community. Seniors come together, sharing experiences and forming connections that contribute to their mental well-being. The social aspect helps combat feelings of isolation, promoting a positive mindset and overall mental health.

To learn more about our recreation programs, please visit our Active Living Centre page or register on our program calendar.