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Volunteer Spotlight: Sophie Corrales

Hello! I am a volunteer of SPLC’s Volunteer from Home Project. Volunteering is not new to me. I once volunteered during Pope JP 11’s visit to Toronto, joined a Bible Study group at SPLC, taught a visually-impaired woman at St….
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Volunteer Spotlight: Hari Ramaraju

As a virtual volunteer, Hari is a program assistant with our Senior Active Living Centre. His tasks include teaching seniors how to use technology, organizing weekly recreational events (Bingo nights) and setting up 1-on-1 conversations with seniors to alleviate their…
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Seniors Month Edition: Meet Mr. Crisp

Sometimes you meet someone and discover a memorable trait on your first meeting; for some it’s a strong handshake or deep eye contact, but for me, it was Mr. Crisp’s unforgettable, kind smile. Mr. John Crisp is a retired Toronto…
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