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Meals on Wheels: More Than a Food Service

Posted on Oct 12, 2016

On Friday October 7th, MPP Soo Wong joined St. Paul's L'Amoreaux Cente for a Meals on Wheels delivery in celebrating Ontario Community Support Association (OCSA) Support Month. Each week OCSA features a support service that individuals benefit from. October 2 - 8 was deemed Meals on Wheels week and we invited Scarborough MPP, Soo Wong to join us for a Meals on Wheels run. 

Excited to meet our first client, 91 year old Mr. Linton, MPP Soo Wong and the SPLC team geared up in our Meals on Wheels transportation vehicle and greeted what looked to be an over the moon man at his door. He welcomed us in and led us to his kitchen where he excitedly showed us how he likes to prepare his meal.   

"So, you get a meal delivered to you everyday?" MPP Wong inquires as he carefully spoons the still warm packaged meal on a glass dish.   

"Everyday" Mr. Linton responds matter of factly, "I get to meet very pleasant, happy volunteers and it's nice to meet them, the meal is tasty and nutritious."

Aside from the meal, Mr. Linton tells us he enjoys the social interaction of meeting the staff member delivering his meal.

"My children check up on me and help me out a lot, but other than when they check in, I enjoy the company I receive from Meals on Wheels staff and volunteers. I enjoy talking to them."

Social isolation amongst seniors is a growing phenomenon in Canada as statistics show that the elderly population is growing increasingly lonely and isolated. As spouses and close friends die, children raise their own families and become distant, many seniors find themselves lonely and unhappy (CBC article link).

A large part of Meals on Wheels is the social engagement seniors receive from interacting with staff and volunteers who deliver their meals. It isn't only a means of nutritious meals delivered to your door, but also a major highlight in many seniors' days where they meet new people and get to enjoy a conversation, where they would likely not have the opportunity outside of the service.

Soo ends the visit with a warm smile and handshake, impressed at 91 year old Mr. Linton's independence.

"I like that I can do things on my own. The doctors say, 'keep doing what you're doing', so I'm doing just that", his genuine smile is very contagious.

Meals on Wheels is a service that delivers hot, nutritious meals right to your door. Our meals are diverse, with Western, Chinese and more menus to choose from. 

Unlike tasteless and frozen foods often served in institutions, we make our food fresh and with loads of flavour!

Meals are available for people with dietary regulations, or simply individuals who need their food chopped, minced, or pureed. 

Meals are delivered by friendly and trained staff members who ensure your food is delivered correctly and on time.

For more information about our Meals on Wheels Program, please contact us at 416-493-3333.